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Mag (France) wrote on 9. Okt. 2010 - 11:08

I have tons of celeb/band stuff such as posters, magazine articles and even cds for some that I want to get rid of. I have stuff on Boyzone, a lot on Britney Spears, tons of stuff on Hanson (more than 100 posters, cds, video tapes, real pictures and tons other, as I used to be a huge fan of them) also on 30 Seconds to Mars, Spice Girls, Madonna and a lot of others... If you are interested, send me a message and I will tell you if I have stuff on your fave celebrity/bands.

I would like to have in exchange stuff on Nine Inch Nails, on some tennis players (especially on Richard Gasquet), Killing Joke and other post-punk bands, Emilie Autumn etc. If you have nothing on them, you can send me stationery instead.

I am also willing to sell them, especially on Hanson as I have really a lot on them, including cds, real photos and tapes.

Ok, I hope some people are interested and that we can do some nice swaps. :)
Raia Sandbook wrote on 8. Okt. 2010 - 12:04
Tired of posting and eventually reposting ads? Sandbook Net organizes a PenPal Magazine.
To place an ad to the magazine you will have to email and send:
1) your name/age/country and email address
2) your message (telling us a bit about yourself like hobbies, interests, etc
3) the duration that you like us to run your ad 1-2 or 3 months... (if you don't specify - we will run it for this issue and choose if we will rerun it at later times)

That's all! You will receive the magazine in your email box!

Join us in our Facebook Event page: 164868790191942#!/event.php?eid=16486879 0191942
Amy Stefanik usa wrote on 2. Okt. 2010 - 01:19
I would love Keith Urban and Rick Springfield.
Amy Stefanik usa wrote on 2. Okt. 2010 - 01:18
I would love to see your list of the celebrities that you have.
Lisa Overduin CANADA wrote on 27. Sep. 2010 - 05:50
I am looking for swappers from all over the world. I have A-Z files on celebrity magazine pictures and articles. Please send me your WANT LIST and I will send you mine.
Raia wrote on 30. Jul. 2010 - 11:31
Want to trade star-celebrity stuff? Just publish your add here.
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