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Abigail/Philippines wrote on 18. Mai. 2013 - 04:34

If you'd like your excess FBs and bags travel to the Philippines, they're welcome here.

Are there anyone from ASIA or probably Australia who can be FB swappers with me? I also do bags, and slams.

Shoot me an email for my address :) Thank you!
Colleen Leber wrote on 15. Mai. 2013 - 18:28
Hello swappers! I will take all excess and starter fbs. I will pass on labelbags and anything else you may have. My address is Colleen Leber P O Box 905 Kenosha, Wisconsin 53141. I do regular envie swaps of about 20 fbs at a time. More in the USA, a little less for overseas as the cost has gone up. Will trade stickers, postcards, and do dollar tree swaps of cute little things. Hope to hear from you,.
Nishi - USA wrote on 15. Mai. 2013 - 05:23
I am looking for anyone to swap fb's(N&N,HQ)& LB's with. If you are interested, drop me an email.
Elin in norway wrote on 12. Mai. 2013 - 14:38
I need FBs..If you have any please send them to me.
Marie Germany wrote on 10. Mai. 2013 - 16:40
I am looking for fb swappers!
I´m from Germany ;)

Please email me if interested:
Carolin Germany wrote on 10. Mai. 2013 - 16:37
Hi everyone!
I´m Carolin from Germany and I´m looking for fb swappers from all over the world!
Please email me, if interested ;)
Patti Navarro USA wrote on 10. Mai. 2013 - 15:31
Hello. I am looking for any excess of any kind. Especially stickerbooks and sticker bags. my email is Thank you
Miku in Japan wrote on 2. Mai. 2013 - 05:41
I have some excess FBs(various type) and labelbags.
Does anyone take them?
If you are interested, write me a message.
Thank you!
Dana USA wrote on 1. Mai. 2013 - 03:37
Hi. I am looking to get back into penpalling and swapping and could use some FB's, Slams or anything else you may have to share. Any excess will be good and I promise to get it moving as quickly as possible. Email me!
Christina USA wrote on 21. Apr. 2013 - 20:10
Hi! Christina here! I have a few FBs that have found their way to me and I would like to swap them. Please let me know if you are interested! :)
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