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Jean - USA wrote on 30. Jun. 2013 - 20:07
I have tons of FB excess that I need to pass on! Please email me and give me your address so I can send you some FBs. No need for you to send me anything in return, I just need to get these moving! Thanks! :o)
Sam, England wrote on 29. Jun. 2013 - 20:55
Hi :) I am wondering if anyone has any fbs or slams they could send me please? Many thanks :)
Sabrina, Canada wrote on 27. Jun. 2013 - 22:31
I'm looking for fbs, labelbags, and CHAINS to continue and swap! Desperately needed. 100% reply. Please send me your excess and I'll send you some too. :D Msg me for my mailing address.
Nika, Germany wrote on 25. Jun. 2013 - 09:49
Hi guys! I'm looking for new Friendshipbooks and Label Bags swappers. I have a lot to send away, too. I'll happily take excess. :) Write me if interested: Thanks! :)
Karine, France wrote on 22. Jun. 2013 - 09:17
I look for fb's and Labelbags swappers.

If you want interess, you say me by email. Answers in 100%
Marjolein, Netherlands wrote on 3. Jun. 2013 - 02:46
I'm looking for people who want to swap n/n to HQ FB's or slams.
I'm a postcard collector (touristic and cartoon) and would love to swap postcards with you. I'm also interested in swapping other things, just PM me.
Xiaofang/China wrote on 31. Mai. 2013 - 05:29
Hello, My name is Xiaofang from southeast of China. I like collecting the interesting things which could show part of their culture from different country. Such as stamps, postcard, coins, currency, key chain, teabag, hat, newspaper, calendar, artwork, fan, earrings, bracelet, necklace, rings, religion stuff or anything you think it has your local feature. I will send you the things you want and i could get in return. Please let me know if you are interested in. Here is my email address and postal address :

Liao Xiaofang
No.44 Shike
Dehua, Fujian,
362500 P.R.China

Best Regards
Amy south africa wrote on 30. Mai. 2013 - 18:04
im looking for people who wish to exchange an envelope of souvenirs and fb and lb swappers.
Marielle Ireland wrote on 19. Mai. 2013 - 11:10
Hello everyone!

I am looking for regular swappers of FBs and LBs from all over the world. Feel free to email me if interested. Thank you!
Patti USA wrote on 18. Mai. 2013 - 21:23
I am looking for any excess- FBS Stickerbooks, sticker bags HQ FBs Anything. Please let me know. Thank you.
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